How to Get in Your Locked Glove Box Without a Key

by Chris Weis
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Glove box doors can become inoperable without warning. Keys can break off in the lock or the tumblers can jam suddenly, obstructing access to glove box contents. To replace a defective lock or retrieve your items, you have to gain access to the glove box. A simple remedy exists to remove the glove box door without endangering the appearance or function of interior components.

Glove Box Door Removal

Step 1

Remove or displace any under-dash trim panels to gain access to the screws that attach the glove box door hinge to the dashboard. Remove the glove box door hinge attaching screws.

Step 2

Gently pry the glove box door hinge away from the dashboard. Insert your hand into the glove box with the palm side facing the door and disengage the locking mechanism. Remove the door latch from the top front of the glove box if the locking mechanism can not be disengaged.

Step 3

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Access the screws that attach the latch through the disconnected door hinge and the dashboard. Use a long-shafted screwdriver to reach the screws, if necessary. Hold the door in place while disconnecting the final screw to prevent sudden downward movement.

Step 4

Remove the defective lock from the glove box door by removing any spring-clips or attaching screws. Install a new or repaired lock. Hang the glove box door on the latch in the closed position. Replace the hinge screws. Restore under-dash trim panel to original location. Check the door action for complete closure and effortless entry. Adjust the latch or lock position to ensure smooth operation.

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