Lexus Problems: The Key Won't Turn

by Michael Dickson

The Lexus is one of the most popular and safest cars in the market. Lexus cars are highly sophisticated and have a number of electronics that create a safe environment. The Lexus' ignition lock is a safety feature which sometimes can be a nuisance. When the electronic ignition lock fails to read the steering column and/or key, it will prevent the key from turning. This failure is not the result of a faulty ignition lock and usually has a simple remedy.

Step 1

Remove your key from the ignition. Check to see if the steering wheel is locked or free to turn.

Step 2

Verify the car is in park by attempting to move the gear shift from the park position. If it releases from park firmly, reposition the gear shift into park.

Step 3

Grasp the steering wheel with both hands and turn in one direction until you feel the steering wheel lock in place. If the steering wheel continues to turn without locking, turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction until it locks.

Step 4

Insert key and turn on vehicle.

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