Location of the Fuse Panel Jeep Liberty 2003

by Chris Moore

The Jeep Liberty has a number of fuses, relays and circuit breakers to protect the truck's electrical systems. These fuses are of different sizes, and the 2003 Liberty has two different fuse panels to contain them all.

Fuse Box

The main fuse panel is located inside the vehicle on the left end of the dash board, covered by a trim panel that can be pried off from the bottom. This is the smaller of the Liberty's two fuse boxes and contains the "mini" size fuses.

Power Distribution Center

The larger fuse panel, also called the power distribution center, is within the engine compartment at the left front corner. This panel contains the larger "maxi" fuses and most of the relays.

Removing Fuses

The maxi fuses and relays in the power distribution center all can be removed directly by hand. The smaller mini fuses in the interior fuse panel require a small plastic tool that usually is inside the panel or a pair of pliers. These fuses can be tested without removal, however, by connecting a test light to the fuse's exposed terminal tips.


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