How to Locate the Oil Pressure Sensor Switch on a Cavalier Engine Block

by John Walker

A vehicle's oil pressure is monitored by a sensor. Modern vehicles typically have plastic sensors housed on the side of the engine block. The oil pressure sensor also controls the fuel pump. A bad sensor could turn off the fuel pump under the assumption that no oil is present. The Chevrolet Cavalier has different locations for the sensor, depending upon the year. The majority of the Cavalier engines place the oil pressure sensor on the rear of the engine block, just above the oil pan adjacent to the starter.

Step 1

Drive the vehicle onto the ramp, park it, turn off the ignition and set the emergency brake. Open and secure the hood.

Step 2

Shine a flashlight along the back and passenger's side of the engine. You are looking for a small, black plastic electrical connection with a bolt between it and the engine. The sensor bolts onto the engine and is located near the starter, a metal cylinder bolted onto the side of the engine. This is the location for the majority of 4-cylinder engines.

Step 3

Raise the hood, and look beneath the spark plug wires on top of the valve covers. The sensor bolts into the side of the top of the valve covers centered on the engine on the V6 models.

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