List of Mack Semi Truck Diesel Engines

by Gregory Crews

Mack Truck has long been known for its heavy-duty construction equipment and powerful motors. Mack trucks offer three motors that are capable of completing whatever task is at hand . The motors range from the MP-10, which is capable of carrying heavy equipment while consuming less fuel than the previous models, to the MP- 8 and MP- 7, which were designed to be used in Mack's other applications, which include day tractors, over-the-road tractors, and dump trucks.

MP-10 Engine

The MP-10 engine is a 16-liter motor that produces 515 to 605 horsepower. The torque rating is 1,860 to 2,060 foot-pounds. This motor is capable of pulling very heavy loads from a dead stop and maintaining highway speeds while hauling heavy equipment. This motor is designed to meet the 2007 emission standards and runs well on an ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel. This motor is used in truck applications that are made for construction and heavy transport; it's used in the Mack Titan and shows optimum power levels while being fuel efficient in the process.

MP-8 Engine

The MP-8 is a 13-liter motor that is capable of 415 to 485 horsepower. This motor boasts a torque rating of 1,540 to 1,700 foot-pounds. This motor is installed in the Mack Pinnacle. The Pinnacle is the replacement truck for the Mack Vision. The MP-8 will meet and exceed the 2007 emission requirements. This motor was made for the open road and hauling freight, and is built with the minimum number of parts possible, to keep maintenance costs at a minimum.

MP-7 Engine

The MP-7 motor is an 11-liter unit that produces 325 to 405 horsepower with a torque rating from 1,200 to 1,560 foot-pounds. This motor is also used for the Mack Pinnacle, and also for dump-truck applications. This motor is compact and lightweight, which is ideal for hauling freight. This motor also meets the 2007 emissions requirements, running efficiently on a low-sulfur diesel fuel and delivering better economy than the previous models.

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