Signs of Bad Engine Mounts

by Rose Kitchen Updated July 19, 2023
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Engine mounts are small parts that properly align and stabilize an automobile's engine. Several different symptoms can occur when engine mounts go bad—signs which are fairly easy to recognize.

Twisting and Rocking

When an engine mount breaks, the engine can rock and twist when the engine is under load or when the vehicle accelerates. This can also lead to vibration, which can also sometimes be felt inside the vehicle when it is being driven.


Noise is a common symptom of bad engine mounts. The noise associated with this problem is typically described as clanking or knocking. This noise is heard when the vehicle is being driven and can be quite loud in some cases.

Exhaust Leaks

When a bad motor mount results in excessive rocking of the engine, a potentially hazardous exhaust leak can occur. This leak will come from the area where the exhaust manifold and head pipe meet, according to Pioneer Auto.

Belt or Hose Damage

Bad motor mounts, specifically those that are broken, can lead to engine hose and drive belt damage. This damage occurs when the motor mounts are not preventing the engine from turning excessively. This damage often leads to these belts and/or hoses needing to be replaced.


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  • I live in a very hot climate area, I have a 2006 Mazda 3 and my sister has 2015 Mazda CX5, I replaced engine mounts several times in my car because the dealership told me it needs replacement, but lately I have ignored their comments about engine mounts on my car and on my sister's car I plan to replace them eventually, in a year or so They said one of the mounts in my sister's car is in a bad condition and the others are starting to go bad, but it's only a 5 year old car so I felt maybe they are exaggerating or being too careful. I didn't face any problem in my mazda 3 when I delayed replacement for one year or more So my question is, if I ignored that engine mount in my sister's CX5 is there a possibility that it will cause more vibration and damage the other mounts more? And if I replaced it now, will those other engine mounts that are starting to go bad affect the life of the new one?

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