How to Know When to Replace Hybrid Car Batteries

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Hybrid energy is the hottest and most exciting trend in today's automotive market. With the power to save money on gas while preserving the environment, hybrids seem like the perfect solution. Many people, however, are concerned by reports that hybrids need to have their expensive battery packs replaced. So, follow these steps to know when to replace hybrid car batteries.

Read the car's manual or a technical review. Almost all recent hybrid models' user manuals speak about the battery. The good new you'll find is that these newer models report the life of the battery to be the practical life of the car, which is usually somewhere between 150,000 miles and 200,000. So, think about the amount of mileage and the car's lifespan to know when to replace a hybrid battery.

Check the in-dash display. Many hybrids include a digital display of power flow through the car. The display distinguishes between battery power and power that comes from the fuel burning engine. The display will alert you with a battery signal if the battery needs to be checked or replaced.

See how the car performs at slow speed. Most hyrbids run completely on battery power when they travel under 20 MPH. If the car starts to behave strangely or feels underpowered at these speeds, then there might be a problem with the battery. Take the car to a dealership to see if the battery needs to be replaced for some reason.

Get the car checked out regularly. A hybrid car dealer will be able to accurately tell you if you need to have the battery replaced. Since the cars are usually under warranty and since the battery should last for the life of the car, it is not in the dealer's interest to misinform you about battery replacement. So, get the car and its battery checked out according to the service schedule to know how the battery is doing.

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