King Quad 300 Oil Specs

by Mark Rafferty
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The King Quad 300 is a popular "quad" off-road vehicle from Suzuki. It features a 280cc single cylinder, four-stroke engine and a five-speed manual transmission. It is 4-wheel and 2-wheel drive, depending on how you set it, and comes with dual hydraulic breaks. Like an four-stroke engine, it requires regular oil changes. You do not mix the oil with the gasoline on this quad.


The King Quad 300 holds 3500 ml or 3.7 quarts of oil. It will take slightly more, 100 ml more, if the oil filter is also changed.


The oil for the transmission and the transmission pull from the same well, which is accessed in front of the rear wheel on the right side.


Any weight motor oil will work with the King Quad 300. Typically you may want to consider a lighter weight oil in the summer months and a heavier oil in the winter.

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