Kenworth T2000 Specs

by Dwight Malone

The Kenworth T2000 truck is used in the cargo hauling business and Kenworth has designed this model to try to best meet the needs of drivers. They've tried to combat high fuel prices by designing the truck so it has less aerodynamic drag than previous trucks, therefore increasing fuel economy. The design was also geared to reducing maintenance costs by making components easier to get to for repair. The cabin, where drivers spend a large amount of time, can be outfitted with many of the comforts of home, including a TV, refrigerator/freezer combo and storage.

Major Components

The Kenworth T2000 come equipped with engines ranging from 13- to 15-liter displacement and can produce up to 600 horsepower. It also comes with an automated manual transmission system. An air suspension is standard, which has two air bags on each side of the vehicle to provide a smoother ride and reduce cabin bounce.


Front axles on the T2000 are rated from 12,000 to 14,000 pounds, while rear axles are rated from 23,000 to 46,000 pounds, depending on the truck's specific options. The front axle on the T2000 is set back to produce a 45-degree wheel cut to improve turning radius.

Cab and Sleeper Compartment

Either a 60- or 75-inch-deep cab is available. Both cabs are 78 inches wide and provide 30 inches of space between the driver and passenger seats. The T2000 can be equipped with Kenworth's QuietCab system, which lines the interior of the cab and reduces up to 50 percent of outside noise. The sleeper compartment is 7 feet tall and has standard features such as an upper and lower bunk, enclosed closet and a pull-out wood desk.


Two fuel tanks are cradled under the cab by two high-strength brackets and have a total capacity of 100 gallons of fuel. The fuel system is a dual draw and return system and there is no crossover fuel line.


The engine comes with a 5-year/500,000 mile warranty while the transmission and rear axle has a 5-year/750,000 mile warranty.

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