How to Keep Your Car's Paint Dust-Free

by Ron Cogan
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While there's no substitute for a good wash and wax to keep a car looking new, in between you might just need a good dusting to gently remove dirt and keep your paint shiny. Special car dusters do the job in minutes with no environmental impact.

How to Keep Your Car's Paint Dust-Free

Step 1

Assess how dirty your car really is. If it's just a light dusting of dirt without caked on mud or bird droppings, it's a good candidate for a duster.

Step 2

Use a duster made of soft cotton yarn with baked-in paraffin wax. This will gently lift dust and pollution from your car's surfaces.

Step 3

While it's not required like washing, when you want dirt and water to flow downward, it's still a good idea to start high and work low. Begin dusting at the roof, then do the hood, trunklid, and sides.

Step 4

It isn't necessary to press down hard as you move the duster along your car's paint. This kind of brush does its work amazingly well with a very light touch.

Step 5

Store your car duster in its soft case when not in use so it doesn't collect dust while just being stored.

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