How to Jump-Start a Car Without Another Car

by Jody L. Campbell

Jump-starting a car without jumper cables and another car is possible with the help of a booster pack, also known as a jump-starter pack, which can be stored in your car and used in the event of a dead battery and no other people around. These booster packs are internal batteries with jump cables attached to them, but they need to be charged in order to work. Many battery chargers also now have the option to jump-start cars, but you'll need an electrical outlet to plug them in.

Open the hood and locate the battery. In the event you have a car with a battery that is not in your engine compartment, look for the jump posts or refer to your owner's manual for the jump-post locations or battery location.

Attach the red positive clamp of the booster pack or battery charger to the positive terminal end of the battery or jump post.

Attach the black negative clamp of the booster pack or battery charger to the negative terminal end of the battery or negative jump post, or a metal bracket or bolt head that will allow a good electrical ground connection.

Turn the power switch of the booster pack to "On," or set the switches of the battery charger to 12-volt and high amp or "Start" amp and plug it into an electrical outlet. Make absolutely sure that none of your clamp connections are positioned where there are movable parts when the engine turns over.

Start the engine. Leave it running if successful. If not, you may have to tamper with the clamps to get a good connection. Always power down the booster pack or battery charger before moving the clamps to prevent sparks. Battery acid can omit gases that are highly flammable. Once the engine is running, power down the booster pack or charger and remove the clamps. Always remove the negative clamp first, then the positive.


  • check Although you don't need all the fancy gadgetry that may come optional with booster packs, buying a mid- to high-grade booster pack and keeping it charged will greatly improve the chances of it working when you need it. Booster packs that have an "On/Off" power switch are particularly user-friendly.

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