Jeep J10 Truck Specs

by Michael Scarn
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The J-Series of Jeep pickup trucks date back to 1963 and were manufactured until 1987. They are a part of a long lineup of trucks made by American Motors, which had previously purchased the Kaiser Corporation. The 1978 J10 six-cylinder, four-speed manual transmission, four-wheel drive, half-ton model is representative of the J10 versions of the J-Series.

Engine and Power

The J10's six-cylinder engine was used between 1971 and 1990. It has 110 horsepower at a maximum of 3,500 revolutions per minute, and it produces 195 foot-pounds of torque at 2,000 rpm. The engine has a bore and stroke of 3.75 inches by 3.90 inches and a compression ratio of 8-to-1. The engine's crankshaft has seven bearings and fuel was carried to the engine via a one-barrel carburetor.

Truck Bed Options

The 1978 J10 models were equipped with one of several types of truck beds. The primary option was a 120 inch wheelbase for a bed that was 126 inches long. Two other optional beds included the Thriftside, a narrower bed, and the Townside, a wide box bed.

Transmission, Axels and Transfer Case

The J10's four-speed transmission had a first-gear ratio of 6-to-32-to-1. The transmission was made by the Warner Company. Both the front and rear axels were manufactured by the Dana Company and known as Dana 44s. The standard gear ratio for both axels was 3.90, but the vehicle came with an optional 4.27 or 4.88 ratio as well. Transfer cases for all four-wheel drive models were manufactured by the Borg-Warner Company.

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