2001 Freightliner FL60 Specs

by Michael Gunderson
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Freightliner Trucks is a division of Daimler Trucks North America, a company that designs, builds and markets heavy-duty vehicles such as long-haul tractors, heavy-duty construction and vocational trucks. The firm's mid-range trucks are used for applications that include school buses, fire and emergency vehicles, and motor homes to name a few. Freightliner also manufactures trucks used for cement mixing, refuse hauling, plowing snow and logging. Freightliner Trucks has headquarters in Portland, Oregon. The FL60 is a commercial heavy-duty Freightliner truck. Its uses include hauling, conventional day-cab truck use and bucket applications. FL60s are widely available with optional features; they come in various sizes depending on the buyer's needs.


Freightliner Trucks offers a wide variety of engines that have horsepower ratings from 170 hp to 600 hp. Specifically, the FL60 comes with a 3126 or 3126B diesel engine. These engines have inline cylinder configuration. They're controlled electronically and have a 7.2-liter combustion chamber displacement.

Transmission and Brakes

Manual and automatic five-, six- and seven-speed transmissions are available for the FL60. Transmissions are supplied by manufacturers such as Eaton Fuller, Allison and Mercedes-Benz. Hydraulic brakes are standard for the Freightliner FL60.


The FL60's box compartment range is 22 to 24 feet long by 96 to 102 inches wide. The vehicle weight starts at 25,500 pounds empty. The truck has 22½-inch aluminum wheels. Chassis options include one to two rear axles. The wheelbase is 234 inches, and the fifth wheel is an Airslide.

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