Isuzu Rodeo Transmission Problems

by Andy Josiah

Japanese automaker Isuzu Motors Ltd. had the Rodeo pick-up truck built and sold in the United States from 1991 to 2004. Never the most reliable vehicles on the market, the earlier versions of the Isuzu Rodeo has a common problem concerning the transmission.


Some Isuzu Rodeos may experience failure of the force motor. This component is essential to the shifting components of the transmission; its malfunction may thus cause the transmission to have problems with shifting gears.

Affected Models and Transmissions

The earlier models of the Isuzu Rodeo -- specifically, of the 1991 to 1995 model years -- suffer from this problem. Also, the force motor failure is restricted to the vehicle's alternative four-speed automatic transmission, the 4L30-E from General Motors. The standard three-speed manual gearbox is not afflicted by this issue.

Cost of Repair

As of December 2010, customers would need to pay about $189 for parts and $208 for labor to get the force motor fixed. The aforementioned prices are estimates based on an $65 hourly rate, excluding diagnostic time and tax.

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