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How to Insulate & Protect Batteries

by Kevin Mclain

Proper insulation of a battery can protect the battery from excessive heat and excessive cold. Battery insulation options include insulation wrap and a battery box designed to withstand excessive heat and cold. Proper maintenance of a battery can extend its life and prevent the battery from failing. A lot of battery problems come from lack of maintenance to the battery end terminals. Once the terminal ends get corroded, the corrosion will prevent the battery from providing the power needed to turn the starter motor. Provide maintenance on the battery on a consistent basis to keep it working properly.

Step 1

Park the vehicle and allow the engine to cool down for about an hour. Open the hood and lock it in place. Put on the safety glasses and the protective gloves.

Step 2

Remove the positive and negative battery cable ends from the battery posts with an adjustable wrench. Bend the cables out of the way. Pull the battery out of the battery holder and place the battery on a board.

Step 3

Saturate the battery posts and the battery cable ends with the battery terminal protection spray. Allow the spray to absorb into the posts and the cable ends for about two minutes. Scrub the spray into the battery posts and the cable ends with a wire brush until each are clean of corrosion or debris. Continue using the wire brush on the posts and the battery ends until both are entirely cleaned.

Step 4

Wipe away all of the excess corrosion, debris and spray off of the battery cable ends and the battery posts with a clean rag. Wipe down the front, back and sides of the battery with a clean rag to remove any dirt, dust, spray run-off or debris.

Step 5

Remove the battery insulation wrap from the kit and wrap the front, back and sides of the battery from top to bottom as instructed by the kit. Do not use the wrap on the top of the battery. Only the front, back and sides of the battery. The battery insulation is made up of a material that prevents excess cold and heat from getting into the battery.

Step 6

Tape all of the loose ends of the battery insulation wrap with the provided tape in the kit. Make sure that the wrap is properly taped so that the insulation is tight to the front, back and sides of the battery.

Step 7

Place the new insulated battery box into the old battery holder. If the new box is too big to fit into the battery holder, modify the battery holder so the new battery box will fit inside of the battery holder. Place the new insulated battery box inside of the holder.

Step 8

Lower the battery into the new battery box. The new box will cover the entire battery except the top battery posts. Snap the box together around the battery so that the battery is secured inside of the new insulated battery box.

Step 9

Install the red positive cable back onto the red positive battery post and tighten down with the adjustable wrench. Install the black negative battery cable end to the black battery post and tighten down with the adjustable wrench. Close the hood.

Spray the battery terminal protection spray until the battery posts and the battery cable ends are completely saturated with the protection spray. Do not wipe it off. Close the hood.


  • The insulation wrap is designed to prevent excessive heat and excessive cold caused from a hot engine and from severe cold and hot weather. The insulation wrap will extend the life of the battery.
  • The battery terminal corrosion and protection sprays clean the cable ends and the battery posts to remove all of the corrosion from the two connections. The protection spray is designed to prevent any new corrosion from building up on the battery posts and the battery ends.
  • The insulated battery box is designed to insulate the battery but it also acts as a protective shield to the battery. The box covers the entire battery except for the posts and protects the battery from hot and cold elements and other problems such as vibration cracks due to rough driving conditions.
  • The battery insulation wrap, new insulated battery box and the corrosion and protection sprays can be found at most all auto parts stores.


  • Wear safety glasses and protective gloves anytime when working around a battery or using a battery spray.

Items you will need

  • Safety glasses
  • Protective gloves
  • Adjustable wrench
  • 3-foot board
  • Battery terminal corrosion spray
  • Wire brush
  • Clean rags
  • Battery insulation wrap kit
  • Insulated battery box kit
  • Battery terminal protection spray

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