How to Install a Shifter Knob

by Joshua Black

Most of the stock shifter knobs that come with five-speed and automatic cars can be plain-looking. If you want to personalize the interior of you car a little, you can upgrade your shifter knob yourself. With the purchase of an aftermarket shifter knob kit, you can customize the look of your car.

Shift the car into neutral, and engage the parking brake.

Slide the shifter boot down below the shifter knob. The shifter boot is the plastic or leather cover that keeps dust out of the working controls of the stick shift.

Remove the old shifter knob. Depending on the type of knob that you have, you will either unscrew it from the shifter stick, pull on it straight up to release it from the stick (this requires a reasonable amount of force), or remove a small set screw at the base using a small screwdriver.

Install the aftermarket shifter knob. Locate the adapter that will fit the size of the stick that's in your car. Your adapter kit will come with many different adapters to fit a wide range of vehicles. Slide the adapter into the shifter knob, and place the knob on the stick, making sure that any labeling is facing the right direction.

Tighten the knob to the stick. Using the small Allen wrench provided in the kit, tighten the set-screw at the base of the knob, on to the stick, to keep it from coming off in your hand while you're shifting. Clip on the plastic cover that hides the set-screw at the base of the knob.

Replace the shifter boot. Slide the shifter boot back up to the base of the shifter knob, covering the stick and keeping it free of dust.

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