How to Install a Pick Up Truck Bed Liner

by Steve Smith

When you own a truck, you want to keep it looking and running its best. That means taking care of the bed. You will collect a lot of scratches even if you just use your truck for beer and grocery runs. These scratches penetrate paint and allow rust to form, lowering your truck's value. Installing a bed liner will solve this problem before it begins. There are two types of bed liners: molded plastic and spray on. It is recommended to have a professional apply your spray on liner, but if you want to save some money, buy a used bed liner and install it yourself.

Buy a used or new truck bed liner. Get one that is made for the year, make and model of your truck.

Clean out the bed of a truck with a broom. Then hose down the bed and let it dry.

Lift the bed liner onto the truck bed and install it in the bed, placing the wheel flares over the wheel wells.

Line up the holes in the bed liner with the square holes on your truck bed side rails.

Tap the plastic fittings into place with a soft rubber mallet. Then screw on the fitting caps.

Complete the process for all the matching holes on the bed liner. Then test the bed liner by pulling it back and forth to ensure a tight fit.


  • check Purchase a bed liner through classified ads or online to get a better deal, but make sure the bed liner isn't damaged. Holes, cracks and slits in the liner make it basically useless because sand, gravel and small rocks will get under the liner and scratch the bed.

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