How to Install License Plates

by Contributor

Remain calm. You can do this, and it shouldn't take much longer than screwing in a lightbulb.

Step 1

Start at the back of the car. Crouch down at the center of the bumper.

Step 2

Unscrew the old license plate, if any. There should be two screws along the plate's top edge. You'll need either a flat-head or a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 3

Set the screws where you won't lose them.

Step 4

Remove the license plate frame, if you have one, and set it aside.

Step 5

Hold the new plate up to the bumper, aligning the holes in the plate with those on the bumper.

Step 6

Place the frame, if any, over the plate.

Step 7

Screw in the two screws tightly.

Step 8

Tug on the plate to make sure it's on firmly.

Repeat with the front bumper.


  • Registration stickers usually go with the month sticker on the right and the year sticker on the left. Check your state's regulations.
  • Slash registration stickers with a razor blade to prevent criminals from peeling them off.


  • Rules vary from state to state regarding whether you must have front license plates, and whether it's legal to mount plates temporarily in your car's window. Check with your local highway patrol, AAA (American Automobile Association) or DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles).

Items you will need

  • Phone Books
  • Men's Razor Blades
  • Flat-head Or Phillips Screwdriver Sets

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