How to Install Lace on a Steering Wheel Cover

by Jophiel Aurora
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Your car steering wheel takes a beating over time and may become worn, faded and unattractive. Some steering wheels may lose their grip, making the vehicle more challenging to handle. You can salvage your steering wheel by installing a lace leather steering wheel cover. The cover provides extra grip, insulation and changes the appearance of the steering wheel. Installation takes a few hours and requires only the material that comes with the kit.

Step 1

Put the wheel cover over your steering wheel. It should fit snugly around the wheel. Make sure the holes are on the inner side of your steering wheel.

Step 2

Insert lace into the needle. You can see how to lace the thread from the illustrated instructions that comes with the wheel cover.

Step 3

Insert the needle into one of the holes at the bottom of the steering wheel. This part of the steering wheel is closer to your lap, at the six o'clock position. Begin lacing from the inside. Pull the lace tightly, so the cover fits snugly.

Step 4

Take a look at your stitching work once you reach the 12 o'clock position. If you are satisfied with your stitch work, continue lacing from the 12 o'clock position to where you began. If it doesn't look consistent, take the lace out, and start over.

Step 5

Lace around the spoke. When you get to the spoke on the steering wheel, continue lacing as closely to the spoke as possible. Make a dummy stitch through the top layer of the wheel leather skin. Check that all the holes around the spokes are aligned properly to complete the stitch. Finish lacing the cover onto the wheel. Tie off the excess lace, and tuck away the knotted piece between the steering wheel cover.

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