How to Install Jeep Headlights

by Jeffrey Caldwell

Your headlights not only allow you to see while driving at night, they also allow other motorists to see you. Dim or burned-out headlights make it harder for other motorists to judge the distance between your vehicle and theirs. Driving with only one headlight can compromise your safety, especially in adverse weather conditions.

Headlight Removal

Remove the four screws that connect the headlight trim ring to the grille, and remove the trim ring.

Remove the four screws that connect the retaining ring to the headlight bucket, and remove the retaining ring.

Pull the headlight away from the headlight bucket.

Disconnect the headlight from the wiring harness.

Headlight Installation

Reconnect the headlight to the wiring harness.

Push the headlight into the headlight bucket.

Reinstall the retaining ring and the four screws that connect it to the headlight bucket.

Aim the headlights using the adjustment screws at the top and inboard side of the headlight bucket. This should be done with the gas tank half full and the tires properly inflated.

Reinstall the trim ring and the four screws that connect it to the grille.


  • While you have the headlight out, check the condition of the wiring harness. Corrosion in the connector and frayed wires can cause low voltage at the headlight and a dim light.

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