How to Install an Interstate Battery

by Russell Wood

A car is nothing without a battery. That's because the battery is the source of all of the power to the vehicle, and without that extra bit of juice coming from the battery, the starter can't turn over and the vehicle won't start. Installing a battery isn't very difficult, but it does involve a little bit of extra lifting, since an Interstate battery is pretty heavy, but it can be done in about 30 minutes with simple hand tools.

Pop the hood on the vehicle and unbolt the battery tie down that holds down the stock battery using the 3/8-inch ratchet and sockets. The tie down holds the battery to the vehicle, and once it's out, the battery is loose and able to be removed.

Disconnect the negative terminal from the battery using the open-end wrench. The negative terminal is typically black, and has a (-) sign on the top of the battery.

Disconnect the positive terminal from the battery using the open-end wrench. The positive terminal is typically red, and has a (+) sign on the top of the battery.

Lift out the old battery using your hands, lifting with your legs if possible. Place the battery to the side. Lift in the new battery, and place it so the terminals point towards the inside of the engine bay, in the same orientation as the stock battery.

Connect the positive cable to the battery terminal using the open-end wrench. Then repeat the process for the negative cable. Make sure not to cross any wires, and always make sure the red wiring is connected to the (+) terminal.

Secure the battery to the vehicle using the stock battery tie-down, and the 3/8-inch ratchet and sockets.

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