How to Install HID Lights on an Integra

by Alibaster Smith

The Acura Integra does not come with HID headlights. HID lights are a high intensity discharge headlight system. The HID systems found in some luxury vehicles use a special ballast to generate the power needed to light up the gas (usually xenon) inside the bulbs. Fortunately, plug-and-play conversion kits make installing an HID system in an Integra very easy.

Open the hood and unplug the wiring running to the headlight ballasts.

Turn the headlight bulb counterclockwise and pull it straight out of the headlight assembly.

Connect one end of the wiring from the HID ballast to the factory wiring harness for the headlights. The HID kit can only be installed one way, so there is only one plug that will plug into the factory wiring harness from the HID ballast.

Insert the xenon bulb into the Integra's headlight housing. Turn the bulb clockwise to lock it into the housing.

Plug the HID ballast into the back of the xenon bulb's ballast.

Turn on the HID lights to confirm that they are functioning properly.


  • close Never touch the glass bulb portion of the headlight bulb. The oils from your fingers will cause the bulb to explode inside the housing within a few seconds when the headlights are on.

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