How to Install Replacement Headlight Bulbs in a Ford Ranger

by Gregory Crews

Replacing your Ford Ranger's headlights by yourself will save you time and money. It takes just a few minutes, as the days of pulling out the entire headlight assembly are gone. The bulb simply screws in and out, and most of the time there is no need for tools. This saves you aggravation when attempting to keep your vehicle up to code.

Step 1

Open the hood. Ensure the hood is secured in the "open" position.

Step 2

Locate the back of the headlight. You will notice wires attached to a harness that are running to the lens.

Step 3

Unscrew the harness counterclockwise and pull it out with your fingers. The harness should come out smoothly with no interference.

Step 4

Twist the bulb counterclockwise to remove it.

Step 5

Replace the old bulb with the new one. Twist the bulb in the harness until it is securely in place.

Step 6

Close the hood and inspect the bulb. Your bulb should shine straight in front of the vehicle. Test to ensure your bright lights function as well.

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