How to Install a Harley-Davidson Sidecar

by Deborah McDonald
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While the heyday of motorcycles with sidecars is long over, there's still a truly iconic experience to seeing a sidecar on a Harley Davidson. Besides looks, a sidecar also offers additional stability to your Harley, and gives you the ability to carry additional loads or even another passenger. While attaching a sidecar may seem an overly-complex process, with a universal mounting kit it's actually quite manageable.

Step 1

Attach the U-clap to the front of the frame, put in the spacer block, then inset the two bolts.

Step 2

Insert the eyebolt through the spacer block and tighten it. If it's still too loose after you tighten it all the way, put the large shim from your kit in front of the eyebolt, then retighten the bolt.

Step 3

Attach the three remaining u-clamps to your Harley in the manner laid out in Steps 1 and 2. Depending on the style of your bike, the u-clamps will attach at different points. See the chart in the Resource section for details on where the clamps attach on specific frame types.

Step 4

Loosen the two holding bolds on the front of the sidecar frame.

Step 5

Place the curved bar into the frame of the sidecar, then tighten the bolts.

Step 6

Put the sliding clamp on the back of the sidecar frame and attach it with its two bolts.

Step 7

Put in the eyebolt with the spacer sleeve into the sliding clamp you placed in the last step, then attach it with its nut.

Step 8

Remove the eyebolts on the two long struts, then insert them into the front and rear holes on the sidecar frame.

Step 9

Set your Harley and its sidecar side by side, standing straight up. Make sure the wheel of the side car is eight to ten inches in front of the back wheel of the motorcycle.

Step 10

Move the Clevis Adjusting Bolts of the struts and on the curved bar to the eyebolt on each of the u-clamps. Insert the botls into each of them and tighten them down.

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