How to Install Golf Cart Batteries

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Golf carts are great for driving around the golf course, and they also make handy maintenance vehicles for apartment complexes, college campuses and office parks. Unlike a car with an internal combustion engine, they run on batteries, and sometimes those batteries need to be replaced. The new ones are relatively easy to install.

Open the compartment where the batteries are held. Most golf carts are powered by six batteries mounted under the front seat.

Disconnect the negative cable, followed by the positive cable, from the first battery's terminal. Repeat this step for each battery in the compartment.

Remove any brackets holding the batteries in and pull the batteries out one by one.

Clean the cables and clamps with a water and baking soda solution, rinse them with water and wipe them dry with a clean cloth. Clean and dry the battery compartment.

Place the new batteries in the compartment in the same positions as the old ones. Ensure the cables are away from the battery terminals until you're finished.

Reconnect the positive cable to the positive terminal on the first battery and then the negative cable to the negative terminal. Repeat this step on each battery in the compartment. Put a thin coating of petroleum jelly, or battery terminal anticorrosion gel, on each terminal.


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  • close Wear protective clothing, goggles and acid-proof gloves while you're handling the batteries.
  • close Remove all jewelry while handling and working with your batteries to prevent burns.

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