How to Install a Dodge Caravan Roof Rack

by Bryan Clark
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A roof rack will add to the amount of cargo that you can carry with your Dodge Caravan. There are specialized roof racks for snowboards, skis, and bicycles. There are also base racks that you can use to mount whatever you would like to. Read the owner’s manual of your rack to ensure that you are using it properly. Otherwise, you could lose the cargo you are towing and cause serious injury.

Step 1

Place two of mounting feet on the top edges on both sides of your Caravan, above the front doors.

Step 2

Slide the rack bar through both feet.

Step 3

Ensure that the bar is straight and not at an angle.

Step 4

Press the end caps onto both sides of the bar.

Step 5

Open the van's front doors.

Step 6

Place the foot bracket next to each foot around the rain gutter at the top of the door.

Step 7

Attach the foot to each bracket using the supplied bolt and washer.

Step 8

Tighten the bolts to secure the feet.

Step 9

Locate the locking plug on each of the feet.

Step 10

Turn the plug clockwise 1/4 inch with a flathead screwdriver and remove it.

Step 11

Insert the change key and rotate it counterclockwise 180 degrees.

Step 12

Remove the change key and replace it with the lock key.

Step 13

Repeat Steps 1 to 12 for the rear doors of your van.

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