How to Install Decals on Farm Tractors

by Louise Lawson

Decals are an affordable way to mark your farm tractor, making it easy to identify. Decals are normally made of plastic or vinyl and are added to exterior vehicle surfaces for decoration or designation. Most decals are simple to make and can be customized as much as necessary for your particular needs. Installing decals on your farm tractor is not difficult and can be done in just a few minutes.

Lay your decal paper on a flat surface. Any debris on your surface can dimple or tear your decal, so make sure you wipe your surface clean before using.

Place your stencil on your decal paper and trace around it with your pencil. Your design can be as simple as block letters or as intricate as a complex design, although simple designs are best for beginners.

Cut around the outside of your pencil line, trimming the excess away with your scissors or knife. A small utility knife is best to trim around complicated designs, while scissors work best for designs with more straight lines and corners.

Hold your stencil against your design to check for accuracy. If there are any areas that do not match, trim away a little bit of decal at a time until the designs are the same.

Spray the surface of your tractor with a thin layer of window cleaner and wipe it clean with a rag. The window cleaner cuts through the dirt on the exterior of your tractor and removes any grime that might interfere with the application of your decal.


  • check Peel the paper from the back of your decal and press it against the surface of your tractor, smoothing it down with your fingers as you go. Push down firmly with your fingers to eliminate any folds or bubbles and ensure a tight bond with your tractor.


  • close Decals are available in a variety of colors, although contrasting colors are most visible. Blacks and blues work best on light tractors; whites and silvers show up best on darker tractors.

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