How to Install Chrome Exhaust Tips

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Install the chrome tip or tips when your car is cold to make installation easier. As you slide the tip onto the tailpipe or muffler tip, you will meet resistance, so you want to avoid having the parts expand due to the heat.


Measure the bumper cutouts to ensure the new chrome tip fits. With the wrong-size part, you may damage the bumper or scratch the chrome. Your tip should be long enough to be seen and properly vent the exhaust.


Apply thread-lock compound to the screw threads. Slide the tip onto the exhaust pipe and position it. Tighten the screws, and check for rattling.


Check the screws in about two weeks. The thread-lock compound should keep them from loosening, but check to be safe.


  • check Look towards stainless steel to mimic the look of chrome with a longer lifetime. Steel does not stain, peel or crack like chrome and chrome-plating does.
  • check Exhaust tips come in oval, round and square models. The choice is entirely your personal preference.
  • check Clampless tips provide a cleaner look since no clamps are required, but they may not fit all car types.


  • close If any part of this process is outside your skill set, have the tip installed by a mechanic.

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