How to Install a Serpentine Belt on a Chevy S10 Pickup

by Grace Mclain
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The 1994-2003 Chevy S-10 pickups have the same serpentine belt-routing process. The serpentine belt is one complete belt that controls all of the accessory pulleys on the front of the engine. Once the serpentine belt breaks, it causes all of the accessories on the engine to stop working. The serpentine belt on the 1994-2003 Chevy S-10 pickup can be replaced in just a matter of minutes.

Step 1

Open the hood and locate the serpentine belt tensioner. The belt tensioner is what keeps the tension on the belt so that the belt does not come off of the pulleys. The belt tensioner is located directly below the alternator. The tensioner has a 3/8-inch square opening right below the pulley on the tensioner.

Step 2

Locate the serpentine belt-routing diagram on the top of the fan shroud above the radiator. The diagram will be a drawing of the serpentine belt being routed around the pulleys. If you cant find a serpentine belt diagram, take a pen and notepad and draw out the exact direction that the serpentine belt is routed across the pulleys and the tensioner.

Step 3

Slide the 3/8-inch drive pull bar into the square opening on the belt tensioner. Turn the belt tensioner counterclockwise to relieve the tension off of the belt.

Step 4

Slide the belt off of the belt tensioner with your other hand. Let the tensioner go back to its normal spot. Finish removing the serpentine belt from the remaining pulleys. Pull the belt out and set it to the side.

Step 5

Slide the belt in and put the belt around the crankshaft pulley first. Then, follow the belt-routing diagram for routing the belt across the remaining pulleys. Be sure to leave the belt tensioner for last. This is so it will be easier for you to slide the belt on the tensioner while holding the tensioner over.

Step 6

Slide the 3/8-inch drive bar back into the square opening on the belt tensioner. Turn the belt tensioner clockwise. Slide the belt over the top of the belt tensioner. Release the belt tensioner so that it tensions against the belt. The tensioner will hold the proper tension against the belt.

Step 7

Inspect the belt to make sure it is routed the exact way that the diagram shows. Also, inspect to be sure the belt is completely seated into the pulleys.

Step 8

Crank the engine. While the engine is running, go back and inspect the belt again to make sure that the belt is running evenly over the belt tensioner and that the belt remains seated inside of the pulleys.

Step 9

Turn off the engine and close the hood.

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