How to Fix a Twisted Seatbelt

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It's happened to everyone: you put on your seatbelt, and no matter which way you buckle it, the fabric is still twisted. This can make the belt uncomfortable to wear, and can even interfere with its function. Struggling with the retraction and the tight buckles can make fixing the belt a chore, but there's an easy solution. Read on for the simple steps to quickly fix a twisted seatbelt.

Step 1

Grasp shoulder portion of seatbelt, and pull all the way out until the retractor stops. Keep the tongue part of the buckle at the top of the belt. Pulling the belt out completely allows you to hold the belt tautly as you work, without fighting the constant pull of the retractor.

Step 2

Figure out which way the belt needs to be flipped so it will hang properly again.

Step 3

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Directly underneath the seatbelt tongue, tightly fold the seatbelt over on an angle, in the direction it needs to go.

Step 4

Slide the tongue portion of the buckle down over the fold. Depending on how tight the metal loop is, this may be a bit difficult at first to work the buckle over the folded fabric.

Step 5

Keep sliding the seatbelt tongue downward, holding the folded seatbelt taut. The buckle will slide over the angled fold and eventually flip the fabric completely. Your seatbelt is now back to normal!

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