How do I Change the Fan Belt on a Case 580C Tractor?

by Marlo Peterson
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The fan belt on your 580C tractor cools your engine by pulling in air through its radiator. The belt is under the hood on the side of the tractor's engine. It's mounted and in place and uses pulleys to weave it through a specific route. When a replacement fan belt is installed in the tractor, you must use this same route, installing it along each pulley in the same manner in which the old one was detached.

Step 1

Make sure the tractor's engine is off and has not been running recently. The engine heats up quickly and can burn you, making it difficult to complete this task.

Step 2

Open the hood of the tractor so you can access the belt.

Step 3

Find your tractor's belt by looking to the side of the engine.

Step 4

Begin loosening the belt toward the front of the engine. Take the lug nut wrench and loosen each in the series. This will loosen the hold on the belt by each pulley, allowing you to remove the belt. Loosen the nuts enough to alleviate tension while not actually removing the nut itself.

Step 5

Pull the belt apart from the series by slipping it away from each connection. Remember the pattern so you can slide the new belt into place using the same route.

Step 6

Install the belt by placing it over each connecting point, pulling it over tight enough to create tension. Complete the loop over each point until the new belt is completely attached.

Step 7

Screw each lug nut back into place so the belt is held steady.

Step 8

Close the hood of the tractor and clean up your work space.

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