How to Install an Auto Battery in a Polaris Ranger

by Brianna Collins

Well-known for its lineup of more traditional all-terrain vehicles, Polaris debuted a new kind of four-wheel off-roader in 2005 called the Polaris Ranger. Engineers designed these side-by-sides specifically for transporting people and materials to hard-to-access locations. Like many vehicles, the Polaris Ranger uses a 12-volt battery for electrical power and starting. Regular battery charging and maintenance is necessary for the Ranger's optimum performance. Despite differences in engineering for different Ranger models, battery installation is similar for all years and makes.


Undo the screws holding down the Ranger's seat and pull the seat away. The battery holder, where the battery will be installed, is located directly underneath the seat.


Ensure that the battery is fully charged and undamaged before installing it. If the battery is not yet charged, use a separately-powered device to charge the battery to 12.8 volts.


Lift the battery into the battery holder with the terminals facing upward.


Coat the battery's terminals with dielectric grease or petroleum jelly to prevent corrosion and extend battery life.


Connect and tighten the red and positive (+) cable first using a standard wrench.


Connect and tighten the black and negative (-) cable second.


Wrap the battery hold-down strap around the battery and tighten until the battery is securely in place.


Reinstall the seat and seat screws.


Operate the electric starter. If installation was successful, the engine should turn over quickly.

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