Information on How to Use GMC 4x4 Drive

by Amy L. Gouger

GMC's SUVs and trucks offer four-wheel drive (4WD), which separates the power behind the vehicle to four wheels. It prevents slipping and loss of traction. Four-wheel drive is particularly useful in snow and off-road. Depending on the year and model, the vehicle might have several four-wheel drive buttons (such as high and low). GMC's models with 4WD include the Jimmy, Sierra, HD trucks and Canyon.

Step 1

Turn on the vehicle by turning the key.

Step 2

Put the vehicle into drive or reverse and continue normally until the vehicle gets stuck in mud or snow, or when ice coats the road.

Step 3

Choose which level of 4WD suits the road conditions. "High" slows the vehicle and grips the ground for better traction, making it best for snow and ice. "Low 4WD" suits off-road scenarios, where more power would get the truck over the terrain more easily. Using low 4WD on dry pavement stresses the truck.

Step 4

Press the desired button near the right side of the gear shaft. In some models, the design has the buttons on the left side of the wheel.

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