How do I Improve Fuel Economy on a Ford 6.0 Diesel Truck?

by Arthur Barnhouse
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If you're driving a Ford pickup powered by a 6.0 diesel engine, then you already know your vehicle has certain advantages and disadvantages. For instance, with a heavy-duty, diesel pickup, you can haul and tow loads that other trucks simply couldn't handle. On the other hand, due to your truck's size and power, you're not going to achieve the same fuel economy as a car or even compact truck. Yet, there are certain things you can do to actively boost your diesel's miles per gallon.

Step 1

Change the oil you're using in your Ford's 6.0. Switch the engine oil over to a premium synthetic. You'll also want to make the switch to synthetic or high-quality oil in your truck's transfer case and differential. According to a test conducted by Truck World on a 2004 Ford F-250 equipped with a 6.0 diesel engine, changing over to quality synthetics and high-quality oils/fluids improved gas mileage by 11 percent.

Step 2

Swap out your Ford truck's standard air intake and filter for a performance-based intake and filter. The performance-based intake system will allow the 6.0 to take in more air. This increase in quality air will improve your truck's horsepower and fuel efficiency. Performance intake kits can be purchased at many automotive stores or online shops.

Step 3

Install a diesel performance/power module specifically designed for Ford's 6.0 diesel engine. A power module will basically reprogram the engine's electronic control system, making the motor run more efficiently. With the improvement in efficiency, you should notice a small boost in horsepower and fuel economy.

Step 4

Equip your Ford pickup with a complete performance-based exhaust system. The stock system originally installed on your diesel truck is more narrow/restrictive than a performance exhaust. This translates to more work for the engine when it comes to expelling the exhaust. The straighter, wider exhaust pipes will make the diesel engine's job easier, thus improving fuel efficiency.

Step 5

Operate your diesel pickup truck at speeds below 60 mph for enhanced fuel economy. A diesel truck was not intended or designed for high speeds. Its weight and body style make traveling at high speeds very inefficient. Thus, whenever you force the truck to go beyond 60 miles per hour, you ensure that your fuel mileage will suffer.

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