How to Increase the Fuel Mileage for a Dodge Dakota

by John Smith
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The Dakota is a mid-size pickup truck produced by Dodge. The newer lines of Dakotas get better gas mileage than the older ones, but no matter what year a vehicle was made, you can reduce its fuel consumption by following a regular maintenance schedule and using some common sense. A new line of improved auto parts can also help, particularly if your Dakota is old. Dodge Dakotas were first introduced in 1987.

Step 1

Place a cover over the bed of your Dakota. A cover will lower wind resistance and improve gas mileage. A cover will probably cost at least $400, but will pay off over the lifetime of the truck.

Step 2

Install an upgraded air filter. The new line of air filters don't become clogged like the old ones. They cost twice as much as traditional air filters, but they also last for a much longer time.

Step 3

Tune up your Dakota for the time recommended in its maintenance manual. Older Dakotas need to be tuned up more often than newer ones.

Step 4

Change the oil in your Dakota at least once every 3,000 miles after the engine is initially broken in. Use a synthetic oil. A high quality oil with additives designed to reduce friction in the engine will improve gas mileage,

Step 5

Carry around only as many items in the bed of the truck as necessary. A lighter Dakota truck will get better gas mileage than a heavier one.

Step 6

Install an improved exhaust system if you have an older Dakota model. These systems have pipes that are wider and straighter than older exhaust systems. The improved exhaust flow reduces fuel consumption.

Step 7

Keep your Dakota's tires properly inflated. Tires that are under or over inflated reduce gas mileage. The recommend tire pressure can be found on the side of most tires.

Step 8

Use your cruise control whenever possible. Avoid sudden stops and starts. Try not to rev the engine. Avoid idling for long stretches.

Step 9

Follow the speed limits. Combine errands to avoid excess driving. Use a GPS system to avoid getting lost.

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