How to Increase Horsepower in a Mercedes CLK 320

by Luther Blissett

Since it's introduction in 1998, the CLK has served as one of Mercedes main options for buyers interested in the BMW 3 Series and other luxury coupes. The car is designed to offer consumers all of the luxury and build quality traditionally associated with Mercedes in a sportier and more performance oriented package. Whether the CLK is a base model with the smaller six-cylinder engine or an extremely performance-oriented AMG model, horsepower gains can be had by modifying the ECU and replacing the factory exhaust and air intake system.

Step 1

Remove the factory exhaust system and replace with any number of aftermarket systems. All of the aftermarket systems are designed to increase horsepower and overall performance by improving the flow of exhaust gases and reducing back pressure in the exhaust system. This is accomplished in large part through the use of wide diameter piping.

Step 2

Modify the vehicle's electronic control unit by attaching an aftermarket performance chip. The aftermarket performance chip will alter the ECU to allow for the production of more horsepower. Additionally, many chips remap the fuel and ignition curves and raise the vehicle's rev limit to increase overall performance.

Step 3

Replace the vehicle's factory air intake system with an aftermarket system designed to improve the flow of cool air into the engine. Aftermarket systems improve the flow of cool air into the engine by providing a wider and more direct path for cool air into the engine.

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