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Where Are Ignition Coils Located?

by Melissa Rogers

Ignition coils are a vital part of any car, increasing the vehicle battery from six or twelve volts, depending on the car's age, to thousands of volts in order to spark the spark plugs and get the engine running. Not all vehicles are equipped with ignition coils, but the ones that do all have them in the same place -- adjacent to the spark plugs located on the right hand side of the engine.

Place one hand palm-down over the vehicle's hood to feel for any rising heat coming from the engine. If warm, wait until the hood is cool to the touch before continuing in order to avoid the possible risk of burns.

Open the hood and keep it upright by connecting the hood to the support rod, a thin metal rod in the front engine area.

Examine the engine, specifically the lower right-hand side on the valve corner, to find the spark plugs. Spark plugs are featured in the picture above and look like a hex nut one on end and have a white resistor on the other, with coils. Check your owner's manual for the specific location of spark plugs in your make and model.

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