How to Identify Dodge Engines

by Elizabeth Punke

Determining a Dodge engine from another vehicle engine is beneficial to making repairs to your Dodge. If you happen to search a salvage yard for spare parts, you will need to identify certain pieces that are specific to the Dodge brand. Likewise, if your vehicle is a classic auto or collector car you should service it with original, brand-specific parts to increase its value and durability.

Examine the bore and stroke located to one side of the engine. For instance, the 2001 model year Dodge has a measured bore and stroke of 4.02 by 4.72 inches.

Review the overhead valve system on the top of the engine. There are 24 valves located in the 2001 Dodge engine, with a solid sliding follower. This tappet follower, or lifter, is a cylinder of smooth metal.

Evaluate the horsepower of your HEMI engine to see if it reaches the specifications Dodge has for the 2001 and 2005 model years. Determining the horsepower is a difficult equation to compute precisely, therefore you should utilize the calculator in the Resources section. The 2001 HEMI engine has a horsepower of 245, and the 2005 has a horsepower of 350.

Look over the overall shape and design of the engine. Dodge has recently employed a combustion that is visually circular, mainly to house larger valves. When looking at the centerline of the crankshaft, you will see the cross flow valves at a 90-degree angle.

Examine the chart in the Resources section for serial and CPL numbers for a Dodge Ram engine. This information, also called an information plate, is placed on the timing gear case of the driver's side. Not only can you determine if the engine is a Ram, you can also pinpoint the year, CPL, torque and horsepower. For example, if your serial number is between 44325085 and 44547226, then you can acknowledge the engine was built from October 1987 through December 1990. In addition, this engine has a torque of 400 at 1,700 rpm, and 160 hp at 2,500 rpm.

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