How to Identify a Delco Remy Alternator

by Stephen Benham
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Delco Remy alternators are fitted to many types of cars. They are widely available, inexpensive and rarely go wrong. Each Delco Remy alternator is slightly different in design, but the company has made identification of a Delco Remy alternator easy. You can identify the exact model number.

Step 1

Open your car hood and secure it. Find the Delco Remy alternator. It is bolted to the side of the engine block about halfway down and has a pulley wheel on the front that the alternator belt goes around.

Step 2

Look to see if the Delco Remy alternator has vent holes in the side. If it does, it's unlikely to be an authentic Delco Remy alternator as they are distinct from other alternators by having a rear fan that intakes air to cool the alternator rather than a side ventilation system.

Step 3

Look at the rear of the alternator. It is the area where you can clearly identify a Delco Remy alternator. All the wiring terminals are on the rear of the alternator. You also see a fan inside the rear cover that cools the alternator.

Step 4

Read the label on the back of the alternator. It tells you the model number, voltage and ampere rating.

Step 5

Under the label the name Delco Remy is moulded into the aluminum back plate. Underneath the name the words "Made in U.S.A" are also moulded into the plate. On some alternators the model number is also moulded into the plate. If your alternator has moulded inscriptions, you can be sure you've identified a Delco Remy alternator.

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