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How to Make a Hydrogen Generator

by Contributor

A lot of people I am sure don't know that they can use some household materials, 12 volts, distilled water, PCV pipe, and light switch covers to build a Hydrogen Generator that when built right it can be installed on your car to double your gas mileage.

Step 1

Building a Hydrogen Generator is so simple that I am almost shocked that cars haven't came standard with this option. Think about this, one time a month you add some fresh distilled water into the water reserve tank and double your gas mileage. I have seen people make a hydrogen generator out of a old plastic peanut butter jar. The biggest thing to remember is that your creating a gas, i.e gases can be explosive.

Step 2

To keep it safe and simple, mount the [PCV Hydrogen Generator] in the front bumper cover or on the inside of the front fender well. Then mount the water reserve tank under the hood of the car.

Step 3

To build the generator use the drawing above for reference. To start take 5-10 stainless steel light switch covers and stack them on top of each other with a rubber bushing between each one. Run a stainless steel bolt through the top and bottom bolting a 1/16x2x[?] peace of stainless steel one on each side, one on the top and one on the bottom.

You will need two 1/2" [L] hose fittings a 7" to 12" peace of 6" PCV pipe with two solid caps one for each side.[PCV pipe adhesive] Drill and install the hose fittings one on the top and one on the bottom side [they both run to the water reserve tank] Then drill out two holes for the positive and negative stainless steel bolts that mount on the top PCV cap cover. Drill, cut and adjust the 1/16x2x[?] stainless steel material that is bolted on the light switch covers and then bolt it to the bolts installed on the top cap. Try to center it out so that everything fit inside the PCV with both caps on without touching the sides. Last wire in 12 volts to the top stainless steel bolts so that when your key is turned on so is the 12 volts. Last drill out 3 holes in the water tank, two are for the generator, one is for the hose that run to your engines air intake after the air cleaner.


  • use a 10 amp regulator to wire the generator for best results
  • you must mix the distilled water with the baking soda for it to work!


  • the drawing is not to scale,

Items you will need

  • stainless steel light switch covers, stainless steel bolts, 1/16"x2"x12" stainless steel peaces[2], rubber hose, wire, PCV pipe.
  • -baking soda for the water-
  • 10 amp regulator

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