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How to Get More HP Out of My 4.3 V6

by Larry Amon

A 4.3-liter V6 engine is one with a decent amount of horsepower but is not necessarily a high-end performance engine. These engines come standard on a large variety of cars, including many GM cars. Everybody wants to get more horsepower out of their engine, though, and even a little bit sometimes feels like a lot. While you can get a new exhaust system or new heads for your engine to make a big difference, those changes can be timely and expensive. There are also simple, cheap ways to increase horsepower for your 4.3 V6.

Replace your air filter. The air filter gets dirty over time and restricts the flow into the engine. The engine needs air as much as it needs gas. Switching to a reusable air filter can add more horsepower.

Install a performance chip or reprogram your current computer. You can replace your car's ROM chip with a performance chip that will boost horsepower. You may also be able to connect a programmer to the computer and reprogram it for better performance.

Change you gas to a higher octane. This is a very inexpensive way that you may get a bit extra power. The highest you can get is usually around 93 to 94 octane. You may also see improvements by using a better lubricant. In some cars changing to synthetic oil may produce more horsepower.


  • Have a mechanic replace your fuel filters if they are dirty.

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