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How to Replace the Windshield Washer Reservoir in a Pontiac Grand Prix

by ContributorUpdated November 07, 2017

Items you will need

  • Windshield washer reservoir

  • Screwdriver

  • 10mm socket wrench

  • Pliers

  • Seals

  • Washer fluid

  • Catch pan

How to Replace the Windshield Washer Reservoir in a Pontiac Grand Prix. Introduced as a luxury car in 1962 and changed to a mid-size in 1988, the last year in production for the Pontiac Grand Prix was 2008. No matter whether you have a new or old Grand Prix, maintenance is a high priority. Filling your windshield washer fluid, checking it for leaks and replacing the reservoir are all things you can accomplish with minimum mechanical knowledge.

Select a new windshield washer reservoir--the part number depends on the year of your Grand Prix. Order it from the dealer or online or get it from a salvage yard. Having the part before you begin, saves you time later.

Choose a place to work on your Pontiac Grand Prix. Put the car in park, turn it off, engage the emergency brake and open the hood by pulling the hood release.

Find the auxiliary release latch by reaching under the center of the hood and pulling it or twisting it to open the hood. Raise the hood and use the prop rod to hold it securely.

Inspect the windshield washer reservoir for a leak. It's located on the far left side of the engine compartment. As in many models, there's an image of a waterspout on the cap.

Disconnect the battery's negative cable, to avoid any electrical shocks. If your Pontiac Grand Prix has air bags, wait 90 seconds before starting to work.

Remove the filler neck from under the hood and the right headlamp assembly by unscrewing the two large plastic screws with a screwdriver and lifting the headlamp assembly out of your Grand Prix. Then, take off the plastic inner fender by undoing the screws and fasteners. Use a 10mm socket wrench to unbolt the mounting bolts.

Locate all the leads to your reservoir and dismantle them. This includes the washer hose, attaching screws, fasteners, guide wires and mounting bolts. Take the windshield washer reservoir out through the fender opening.

Take off the washer pump, with a pair of pliers and install it in the new windshield washer reservoir. Then, put the reservoir back into your Pontiac Grand Prix through the fender opening and reconnect all the leads. Replace the seals; don't reuse the old ones.

Reassemble the plastic inner fender and headlamp assembly back together by reversing the order in Step 6. Finally, reconnect the negative cable to your battery and fill the new reservoir with windshield washer fluid.


To check for a repairable crack in your Pontiac Grand Prix's windshield washer reservoir, pour some fluid in it to find the leak. If the crack is small enough, you can repair it, instead of having to replace the whole reservoir. Drain the reservoir into a catch pan, if there's any fluid left in the tank before uninstalling it. Avoid frozen fluid in your windshield washer reservoir and your washer lines by using weather appropriate fluid in the wintertime that includes both cleaner and ice remover.

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