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How to Replace the Windshield Washer Reservoir in a Chrysler Sebring

by ContributorUpdated November 07, 2017

Items you will need

  • Windshield washer reservoir

  • Screwdriver

  • 10 mm socket wrench

  • Jack (optional)

  • Tire ramps (optional)

  • Seals

How to Replace the Windshield Washer Reservoir in a Chrysler Sebring. There are three types of Chrysler Sebring--coupe, convertible and sedan. The sedan is relatively new and they stopped production on the coupe in 2005. No matter which model you have, it's important to keep it looking good, including keeping your windshield clean. Using your windshield washer fluid keeps the windshield sparkling, however, if you don't have any fluid and you have just filled the reservoir, check for a leak.

Find the part number for your windshield washer reservoir. The part number depends on the year of your Chrysler Sebring. You can get the part by either ordering it from the dealer or online or get it from a salvage yard. It's easier to have the part before you dismantle your car so you don't have to take it apart twice.

Put the car in park and turn it off. Don't forget to remove the keys. While still in the driver's seat, reach under the instrument panel--on your left side--and pull the hood release.

Go to the front of your Chrysler Sebring and locate the auxiliary release, which is in the center of the hood. Pull it and the hydraulic lifts will raise the hood--make sure it's secure before working.

Locate the windshield washer reservoir. In your Sebring, it's in the bottom left corner of the engine compartment behind the passenger side headlamp. As in many models, there's an image of a waterspout on the cap.

Remove the bumper fascia to get to the windshield washer reservoir in your Chrysler Sebring. To do this, unscrew the three 8mm screws at the top of the bumper, then the five 8mm screws at the bottom. Next, free the two torx screws, two plastic clips and the last three 10mm nuts. Disconnect the side markers and fog lamps by removing the plugs and you should then be able to pull the fascia off.

Disconnect the negative remote cable on the battery and isolate it. If your car comes with air bags, you need to wait at least 90 seconds after disconnecting the negative battery cable before starting to work.

Undo all the leads to your reservoir, including any hoses, guide wires and mounting bolts. After that, simply lift the windshield washer reservoir out of your Sebring. If the pump lifts out with it, twist it off and pull it away from the reservoir.

Reassemble your Chrysler Sebring by attaching the pump to the new reservoir and putting the entire unit back in your car by screwing it into place. Then, replace the mounting bolts and attach the hoses and any other leads. After that, reconnect the battery.

Put the bumper fascia back together by reversing the order in Step 5. Make sure you put everything back exactly as you found it to ensure everything works properly.


Some find it's easier to jack up your Chrysler Sebring or roll it onto ramps when removing the windshield washer reservoir. If there's any windshield washer fluid left in the tank, drain it before removing the reservoir. Throw away all the old reservoir's seals--you'll need to replace these when you install the new reservoir.


Never run your windshield washer pump when it's out of fluid. This causes the pump to go bad and require replacement, which can be a more difficult task than replacing the reservoir.

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