How to Replace the Water Pump for a Land Rover Freelander

by Adam LloydUpdated November 07, 2017

Items you will need

  • New water pump

  • Wrench set

  • Torque wrench

  • Drain pan

  • "O" ring

  • Rubber grease

  • Engine coolant

  • Tire ramps

A water pump is part of your vehicle's cooling system. It works in conjunction with the radiator, thermostat, and hoses. The water pump circulates coolant throughout the engine. Replace you water pump if you see coolant leaking, or if there is a grinding sound coming from your water pump. Failing to replace a damaged water pump can lead to an overheating engine and possibly causing irreparable damage to your vehicle.

Place the pair of tire ramps directly under your front tires, slowly drive the car to the top on the ramps. Engage the parking break and allow the engine to cool completely.

Place the drain pan below the vehicle, detach all the hoses from the water pump and drain all the engine coolant.

Remove the camshaft timing belt, and water pump by loosening the mounting bolts.

Discard the old "O" ring, lubricate the new "O" ring and fit it to the new water pump.

Place the new water pump in position, and tighten each mounting bolt to 7 foot pounds of pressure.

Reattach the camshaft timing belt and all the hoses back to the new water pump.

Fill the coolant system with fresh engine coolant, turn on the car and check for any leaks.

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