How to Replace a Starter in a 1993 Ford Explorer

by Gregory CrewsUpdated November 07, 2017
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Items you will need

  • Socket wrench

  • Socket set

  • Masking tape

  • Hammer (optional)

  • Replacement starter

The starter in a 1993 Ford Explorer is the most important part of the truck's electrical system. The starter receives the electrical signal to engage the flywheel and start the engine. When the starter goes bad, the truck will not start. The starter is located under the truck between the engine and the transmission. Replacing the starter should take half an hour as it's easily accessible and held to the frame by two bolts.

Removing the Old Starter

Raise the hood to locate the battery. Disconnect the battery before attempting any work on the electrical system.

Crawl under the vehicle on the passenger side. Locate the starter between the engine and the transmission.

Unscrew the positive wires on the starter with a socket wrench. Unscrew the nut and pull the wires off the stud. Screw the nut back onto the stud for safekeeping. Place a piece of masking tape on the positive leads to remind you which wires are which.

Unscrew the negative terminal on the starter and pull the wires off the stud. Screw the small nut back onto the stud.

Unbolt the starter from the frame. There will be a bolt at the top and another at the bottom. Undo these bolts with a socket wrench.

Pull the starter away from the truck. The starter may be stubborn to remove. Tap it with a hammer to free it from the frame if necessary.

Place the old starter in the box the new starter came in. You will need to save the starter to return it for a core credit.

Installing the New Starter

Mount the new starter to the frame with the socket wrench. Make sure that both bolts are tight.

Unscrew the small nut on the positive terminal. It will be designated by a plus symbol. Peel the masking tape off the positive wires then tighten the wires onto the stud.

Unscrew the nut from the negative stud. Place the negative wire onto the stud. Tighten the nut over the lead with a socket wrench.

Connect the battery by tightening the positive cable onto the positive terminal with the socket wrench. Connect the negative (black) wire to the negative terminal.

Start the truck to ensure the starter is functioning correctly. The truck should start as soon as you turn the key.


The core credit is the amount of money charged on top of the cost of the starter to ensure you return the old starter. The money will be refunded once you bring the old starter back to the automotive parts store you purchased the new starter from.


Use extreme caution when working under a vehicle. Ensure the parking brake is set.

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