How to Replace a Fuel Pump in a Chevy Cobalt

by Editorial TeamUpdated November 07, 2017

Items you will need

  • Fuel pump kit

  • Tool J39765

  • Torque wrench

How to Replace a Fuel Pump in a Chevy Cobalt. The Chevy Cobalt has an electric fuel pump so you should ensure that its fuses and relays are working before inspecting it. You may need to clean or replace your fuel pump if your fuel tank has trouble getting fuel.

Determine which fuel pump your Chevy Cobalt will need. This depends not only on the make and model, but also the engine size and type. A Chevy Cobalt may have one of the following engines: 2.0 L S/C LSJI4, 2.0 L Turbo LNFI4, 2.2 L L61I4, 2.2 L LAPI4 or 2.4 L LE5I4.

Prepare your vehicle for fuel pump servicing. Remove the fuel tank, and release the retaining tab on the fuel tank retainer. Release the electrical harness for the fuel tank from the retaining slot and disconnect the harness from the fuel tank pressure sensor.

Release the fuel pump retaining lock ring by carefully rotating it using tool J39765. Slide the ring over the fuel pump pipes and slowly raise the fuel pump until you can just see the float arm for the fuel level sensor. Empty the fuel in the pump reservoir into an approved container and remove the fuel pump.

Install the new fuel pump using the items included in the kit, especially the tank seal. Tilt the pump towards the back of the fuel tank to avoid bending the fuel level sensor float arm.

Install the fuel tank with the aid of an assistant as you tighten the fuel tank strap bolts to 18 ft. lbs with a torque wrench. Tighten the fuel filler hose to 40 in. lbs. with a torque wrench.

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