How to Replace a Fuel Filter on a 2005 Dodge RAM

by Cayden ConorUpdated November 07, 2017
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Items you will need

  • Needle-nose pliers

  • Set of sockets

  • Set of wrenches

  • Floor jack

  • Helper

The fuel filter in a 2005 Dodge Ram works with a fuel/water separator. The fuel/water separator filters any moisture (water) from the fuel before it reaches the fuel pump. The fuel filter is encased in the fuel/water separator canister. The canister has drain hoses attached to it. The canister should be drained periodically to protect the fuel system from moisture. Simply unscrew the drain at the bottom of the water-in-filter assembly to drain excess water.

Open the hood and locate the relay box near the driver’s-side fender well. Lift the cover off the relay box. The location of the fuel pump relay is on the diagram on the underside of the cover. Remove the relay using the needle-nose pliers. Crank the engine over three or four times to relieve the fuel system pressure (the vehicle will not start). Disconnect the negative battery cable.

Slide the floor jack under the fuel tank and raise it up. Loosen the bolts on the fuel tank retaining straps, little by little, allowing the fuel tank to come to a rest on the jack. Once the tank is low enough to reach the electrical connectors, unplug the connectors. If the fuel tank is heavy, have a helper help you balance the tank on the jack, so that it doesn’t tip. Lift the tank off the jack and place it on a sturdy surface.

Pull the filter out of the rubber grommet on the top of the fuel pump module. Cut the hose clamp, then remove the fuel line. Properly discard the old filter and the hose clamp.

Push the filter into the rubber grommet on the fuel pump module. Reattach the fuel line using a new clamp. Balance the fuel tank on the floor jack. Raise the fuel tank enough to plug the electrical connectors in. Raise the fuel tank into position and bolt the fuel tank retaining straps around the fuel tank.

Plug the fuel pump relay into its cavity and replace the cover. Reconnect the negative battery cable. Start the Dodge and check for leaks.

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