How to Replace a Fuel Filter on a 1999 Dodge Ram

by Will ChandlerUpdated November 07, 2017
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Items you will need

  • Ratchet

  • 14mm socket

  • Bucket

  • Shop rag

  • Automotive grease

The fuel system in any vehicle is responsible not only for delivering fuel to the motor but also cleaning the fuel before it is used. The fuel filter in the 1999 Dodge Ram is located against the firewall, under the hood of the vehicle. Changing the fuel filter at the recommended intervals can ensure that your fuel is clean. Over time the filter can become clogged and rob you of gas mileage due to the lack of fuel making it through the filter.

Open the hood of the Dodge Ram and locate the fuel canister located against the firewall of the vehicle. There is a yellow handle next to the canister that has a hose attached to it. Place the bucket underneath the hose and open the handle. Allow all the fuel in the canister to drain into the bucket.

Remove the lid of the canister. The Canister is a black cylinder that measures 8 inches tall and approximately 5 inches wide. The lid of the canister will have a single 14mm bolt on top of it. Use the ratchet and 14mm socket to remove the bolt that holds the lid in place. Take the cover and place it aside. The filter should now be visible from the top of the canister.

Remove the fuel filter and place it to the side. Know your state laws on how to properly dispose of automotive materials, especially fuel system components, which can be hazardous.

Install the new fuel filter o-rings onto the new filter. Use a small bit of automotive grease to help hold the o-rings in place. Slide the fuel filter into the canister.

Reinstall the lid to the fuel canister and tighten it down with the 14mm socket and ratchet. Be sure that the yellow lever is closed so that fuel will not be leaked from the system once it is started.

Prime the fuel system before starting the motor. Turn the key to "acc" and allow the fuel pump to send fuel to the filter. Allow it to prime for 10 seconds and then try to start the Dodge Ram. Repeat step 6 if necessary.

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