How to Remove the Instrument Panel in Vehicles

by Contributing WriterUpdated June 12, 2017

The instrument panel is located on the dashboard of the Vehicles and houses the speedometer, oil gauges, gas gague and other important information that you need while driving. If you have a problem with one of your gauges such as a light being out, you may need to remove the instrument panel in order to replace it. This is not a difficult task, but may vary slightly depending on the year of the Vehicles so use your best judgment as you are removing it.

Under The Hood:

 How to Remove the Instrument Panel in a Chevrolet Caprice

Remove the screws securing the steering column cover, which is the lower part of the dash. Lift off the cover. Remove the steel dash strengthening plate using a socket.

Pull the transmission position indicator cable clip off the steering column. The clip can be seen on the right side of the steering column directly forward of the gearshift handle. It's a small clip attached to the gear shift cover that rotates with the handle.

Loosen the three bolts securing the steering column to the dash using a socket. Remove all the screws around the circumference of the instrument cluster. Pull the cluster out just enough to reach behind it and pull out the electrical connector from the printed circuit board.

Reach in with the pliers and turn the speedometer cable connector counterclockwise to remove it from the speedometer. Pull the instrument panel out of the dash.

Items you will need

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Pliers

  • Ratchet

  • Set of sockets

 How to Remove the Instrument Panel From a Ford Focus

Locate the three screws on the upper part of the dashboard trim panel just above the instrument cluster. Remove the screws with a Phillips screwdriver and place them aside.

Grasp the edges of the dashboard trim panel and pull it out slightly. Pull the wiring connector on the back side of the trunk release button on the left-hand side of the trim panel straight off. Pull the rubber seal on the top of the steering column off of the bottom of the trim panel.

Pull the trim panel free of the dashboard and place it aside. Locate the four retaining bolts at each corner of the instrument cluster. Remove the bolts with a 7 mm nut driver.

Grasp the edges of the instrument cluster and pull it slightly away from the dashboard. Pry open the release tab on the black dashboard wiring connector on the back side of the cluster with a small, flat-blade screwdriver. Pull the wiring connector straight off of the back of the cluster.

Pull the instrument cluster free of the dashboard and remove it.

Items you will need

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • 7 mm nut driver

 How to Remove the Instrument Panel From a Jeep Cherokee

Disconnect the Jeep's negative battery cable to avoid the possibility of injury or electrical problems. Wait a few minutes before beginning work once it is disconnected.

Adjust the Cherokee's steering wheel so that it is facing downwards as much as possible. This will make your work easier.

Remove the screws from the dashboard bezel and keep them in a secure location.

Locate the areas where the clips attach the bezel to the dashboard by gently pulling on the bezel. The areas that are clipped will hold tighter than the other areas. Once located, pull the bezel in those areas. Change the areas that you are pulling so that the bezel comes out in one piece and does not bend or break.

Remove all screws underneath the bezel that connect the instrument panel to the dashboard. Gently pull the instrument panel out. Disconnect any electrical connections between the instrument panel and the dashboard.

Items you will need

  • Screwdriver

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