How to Remove the Dash From Dodge Cars

by Contributing Writer; Updated June 12, 2017

The Dodge car houses several of its electrical components within the dashboard. In order to access any of these devices, you will have to remove the dashboard panels and their respective screws and bolts. In addition, the battery must be disconnected from the vehicle in order to prevent the Dodge car air bags from deploying. You can expect to spend anywhere from one to two hours disassembling the dashboard on your Dodge car. Although it is a time consuming process, it is also fairly simple.

Under The Hood:

 How to Remove the Dash From a 2007 Dodge

Open the hood of your 2007 Dodge. Remove the bolt clamp attached to the negative battery terminal using a wrench. Lift the negative cable away from the battery terminal.

Locate the mounting screws on the glove compartment, and remove them with a Phillips screwdriver. Lift the glove compartment away from the dashboard to access the rest of the lower dashboard.

Remove the rest of the screws from the lower dashboard. Carefully lift the lower dash away from the dashboard. Pull the face plate from the front of the dashboard to access the radio assembly. Remove the mounting screws from the radio. Remove the wiring from the radio, and pull the radio and bracket from the dash.

Remove the screws from the bezel around the instrument panel using a Phillips screwdriver. Pull the bezel from around the panel. Remove the mounting screws from the panel. Disconnect the wiring from the panel, and remove the panel from the dash.

Remove the rest of the screws from the upper dashboard. Carefully remove each dash section one at a time to remove the complete dash.

Items you will need

  • Wrench

  • Phillips screwdriver

 How to Remove the Dash in a Dodge Grand Caravan

Disconnect the negative terminal from the battery with a socket wrench. Open the driver's side door and adjust the steering wheel to its lowest position.

Remove the knee bolsters by removing the three screws securing them to the Grand Caravan with a Phillips screwdriver. Pull them out of the vehicle. Remove the two steering column cover screws and pull the cover out as well. This will reveal the vehicle's electrical connections. Disconnect the three connections by squeezing the tabs and pulling on them.

Remove the two side bolts from both side panels on the dashboard. Pull up the defroster vent and remove the screws underneath. Remove the five bolts along the edge of the dashboard near the windshield with a socket wrench.

Remove the bolts below the gauge cluster and the bolt below the glove compartment. At this point, lift the dashboard up and out of the Grand Caravan.

Items you will need

  • Socket wrench

  • Philips screwdriver

  • Flat-head screwdriver

 How to Remove the Dash in a Challenger

Drive your Dodge Challenger into a garage or other interior place. This is because the process of removing the dash will take up a lot of space, the dash pieces are often stolen to be resold (even though they are made cheaply, Chrysler charges a lot to replace the pieces), and it will look like you are trying to steal the car's radio when you remove the dash. Put the Challenger into park and engage the parking brake before turning the car off.

Pry the center console from the dash of the Challenger. Insert a flathead screwdriver into the top seam around the center console and the dash. Gently pry the center bezel out from the dash until it is slightly ajar then move the flathead down the seam until the entire perimeter of the center console is ajar. Pull the center dash off by hand by placing you hands at the top and bottom and pulling out gently. Locate the four screws along the top of the exposed center of the dash, they secure the dash to the center. Unscrew the four screws and place them in the center cup holder so they are not lost.

Open the driver's side door and locate the four screws that run along the top of the side of the dash. Unscrew the screws with a Philips head screwdriver and pocket the screws. Go to the passenger side and open the door. Locate the four screws that run along that top side and unscrew them with a Philips head screwdriver. Pocket those screws as well.

Go to the driver's side, open the door, and insert a flathead screwdriver into the dash seam. gently pry up along the dash and work you way along the seam until you get all the way over to the passenger side. When the entire dash bezel is standing slightly up then pull it off with your hands. Again, be gentle as one of the pegs may be stuck and if you pull on it the plastic peg will break off.

Items you will need

  • Screwdriver set

 How to Remove the Dash on a Dodge RAM

Remove the rubber liner around the cup holders along with the plastic tray on the driver's side of the center console.

Locate the three screws that are used to secure the console to the floor and remove them with the screwdriver.

Pull the floor console out and set it aside.

Remove the boot shift cover if your vehicle has a standard transmission. Release the clips on the boot cover by pushing the base forward and then pull the boot cover off.

Pull the vertical trim piece under the center bezel panel down and then out to remove it.

Locate the two screws that are found under the center bezel panel and remove them using the Phillips screwdriver.

Turn the vents on the center bezel panel to one side and then gently pull on the panel. The center bezel panel is secured with clips that will need to be carefully removed by pulling gently around the perimeter of the panel.

Pull the center bezel panel off to access the interior of the dash.

Items you will need

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Hex screwdriver

 How to Remove the Dash From the 2006 Dodge

Examine the dash panel. Find gaps in the finish of the dash. These are small lines that run between the body of the car and the dash panel; they are typically found around the car's stereo and trim. Look for any screws holding the dash in place; unscrew them. Most vehicles will not have screws, but if they do, it will only be one or two.

Gently place the flat-head screwdriver into the gaps between the dash and the body. Pry back the dash panel slowly -- do this every 1 or 2 inches on the dash until the dash is loose. Some spots will be easier to remove than others. This is due to clips in the dash making it harder to pry off.

Use caution in areas that are harder to pry off. These are the main connecting points in the dash and must be gently pried off. It might seem difficult at first, but once it pops off, then the dash should easily be removed by hand.

Items you will need

  • Flat-head screwdriver

 How to Remove the Dash in a 2000 Dodge RAM

Turn the engine of the Ram off and open the hood. Use a socket wrench to unplug the Ram's battery by removing its negative cable.

Use a crosshead screwdriver to uninstall the four retaining screws along the top edge of the Ram's dash. Uninstall the two screws on each side panel.

Use a flathead screwdriver to pry off the metal clips that are retaining the edge of the dash to your Ram. Once you have disengaged all the clips around the edge of the dashboard, the dash can be lifted out.

Pull up on the dashboard to remove it from the Ram and lift it out of the car. Be sure to reconnect the Ram's battery when done.

Items you will need

  • Socket wrench

  • Crosshead screwdriver

  • Flathead screwdriver

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